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Death Of Democracy

The self styled “de facto” law minister is reported as saying that the “Cabinet will not advise the King to allow the Assembly to meet before August 1.

What this means is that PN will continue to do what it likes, steal any public funds it can and generally trample on democracy. He did not appear to be in any way ashamed by this admission of dictatorship. And Malaysians can be sure that he isn’t.

What this outrageous statement really means is that Coup Moo and friends do not think they still have any majority in the Assembly, defectors and mega bribery notwithstanding.

So what about August 1st?  Only one thing is sure and that is that August is still a long way off and there is still plenty of time to  steal  anything not bolted down. When it does eventually arrive and there is still something left to steal August will mysteriously change into December or some date in 2022.

The one thing that Coup Moo and friends seem to be overlooking is that a day will come when they will be thrown where they belong.

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