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Cleaning Out

Everyone can understand, and sympathise with, the the problems face in getting multiple 1MDB linked cases into Court without delay. The problem is indeed a massive one and with which the ordinary structure of prosecutions is not intended to cope.

In these extraordinary circumstances there is a strong case for the appointment of suitably qualified and experienced senior members of the Bar to be appointed as Judicial Commissioners to hear the backlog and see that justice is not denied by reason of delay in applying it. The PH government should also look at the general question of the adequacy of the number of regular High Court Judges and, if justified, increase it

It is essential to drain the poison of 1MDB and its linked UMNO malefactors from the nation’s political system so that honest and effective government can be restored. It is a big task but PH must demonstrate that it is capable of achieving it. Or look to new means.

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