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Stinking Fish

A series of articles on the subject of the first SD attested to by PI Bala (and now back in the news following the stunning new confessions by hit-man Azilah Hadri)  raise very serious doubts about the manner in which the original trials of Azilah and his colleague Sirul Azhar Umar were conducted. If these articles are accurate, and there is no reason to suspect  otherwise, those proceedings cannot reasonably be described as other than farcical. Many of the participants behaved,or are recorded as having behaved, in a manner better fitted to a Punch and Judy show rather than a trial on capital charges. It is unsurprising that the Court of Appeal later overturned the verdict reached in the High Court, so allowing one of the two accused to escape the jurisdiction to Australia; where he still is in immigration detention as Australia will not return him to face judicial execution.

The best that can be said about that trial and its appeal consequences is that it exposed a judicial process either disgracefully lacking in professional competence or being steered off course by deliberate interference and it will be clear to any impartial observer that the interests of Justice were not only not served but actively frustrated and parodied.

Obviously matters cannot be left where they now are with one party, quite deservedly, on the basis of his own admissions facing execution and another apparently serving a life sentence in an Austrian immigration lock up. The question on which all else turns is why two junior police officers who did  not even know their victim should have murdered her and then shredded her pregnant corpse with high explosive obtained in a manner not yet properly invstigated from government stocks. They did the murder. They admit it and explain why and by whom they were instructed to do so. The more senior police officer, by whom they claim they were instructed was not called to give evidence at their trial. Why not?. The more so since that officer is reported to have been the personal aide de camp to Najib Razak whom one of the police officer killers claims gave him personal instructions to commit the murder; describing the victim as as “foreign spy”

If all that sounds fanciful and is discarded as skin saving invention the question remains. Why? They’d not know the Mongolian victim They had never even met her let alone acquired a reason to murder her and butcher her corpse. She had even to be pointed out to them by the third accused Baginda who knew both her and Najib well as they had been in France together to negotiate submarine purchases.

The “spy” story was clearly absurd but how did it even come to the knowledge of Azila unless, as he claims, it was retailed to him by Najib himself. And when, as he claims, Azilah asked why not refer the”spy” claim for police investigation he could get no explanation.

Najib claimed that no such meeting with Azilah took place. To accept that means accepting that these two police officers, having equipped themselves with high explosive and having had the target identified to to them by Baginda then drove her to an isolated spot, murdered her and shredded her body with explosives. If theories of sadistic desecration of a body are discarded it becomes clear that this post murder act was motivated by a desire to remove all traces a foetus which might have led by DNA to identification of the father as well as satisfying the venom of a cuckolded wife.

An aspect of this revolting crime that requires further attention is why police officers of enough rank and service  to know the gross illegalty of the act on which they embarked should have accepted the orders either of Najib or his police aide to commit th is murder. It seems likely that this ghastly act was not an isolated one. Azila admitted he was one of a secret group within the then PDRM Special Branch of which their superior, who gave them instructions, was a member and the implication is that the commission of that murder was made acceptable as one of a prior series of similar crimes so that any such order would seem acceptable and authorised by superior officers. That aspect of the case never been investigated. Now it must be as the cupboard may contain many more skeletons and provide evidence implicating other official murderers.

So far the ejection from power of Najib and his associates has led only to investigation of financial crimes; serous though those are. Now when there seems to be reason to investigate the ultimate crime of murder there can be no official hesitation. The plot involved many actors. All of them must be exposed and brought to justice.The national interest and reputation demands nothing less.

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