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Contempt For Democracy

Malaysia’s leading political frog Azmin Ali, currently apparently at home in Muyhddin’s groupuscule, has announced publicly that his party’s Sabah chief must be the next Sabah Chief Minister. He was slapped down by UMNO boss Zahid who ruled that the party with the most seats should select the Chief Minister. A surprisingly welcome show of democracy from the leader of Malaysia’s least democratic political party, UMNO.

Perhaps “frog” Azmin feels that while Zahid heads for Sg. Buloh he can take over UMNO? After all one more “frog” hop should be easy for Malaysia’s champion party hopper. In any case to announce ahead of the election who will be the winner seems to show truly remarkable prescience.

In any event it does demonstrate one thing clearly and unequivocably. Azmin is no democrat and is totally unsuitable to be a leader in any democratic society. Should Malaysia ever return to the former condition

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