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Moo To Woo?

In a typically coy hint “PM” Muyhiddin apparently stated that he could call a general election depending on the results of the current Sabah polls. If, as seems most probable, PN get the beating they deserve in that election does that mean that he will never “call”? Most probably. Those who seize power illegally rarely give it up voluntarily and there seems no reason to view Moo as an exception to that general rule.

In any event PN’s chances of electoral success depend on one thing and one thing only. Blatant communalism. All that they offer is a promise to favour one community at the expense of all others. And that only after they have helped themselves to whatever is left in the national Treasury.

Such an election would settle one thing at least. It would determine if Malaysia is to be a country divided into haves and have nots on the basis of communal affiliation or a modern democracy where all have an equal chance depending on themselves and their merits. We all know which the Najibs of this world would prefer. The real question is how many Malaysians agree with that notorious mega crook.


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