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Corrupt Young Turks?

Is how some officers of the PDRM are described in press reports as being “unhappy and threatened” by the “strong anti corruption stand” adopted by the current IGP. What sort of a world are Malaysians finding themselves living in when corrupt coppers can be openly described as “young turks”?

It is entirely believable that there are some corrupt police officers in the PDRM. What else to expect in a country that boasted a totally corrupt Prime Minister and is now run by a corrupt regime hiding behind a “state of emergency” to cling on to improperly awarded office.

But to describe them as “unhappy and threatened “raises some questions about how the national police force should be seen. Of course there will aways be some corrupt police officers just as there will always be some other corrupt civil servants. That is what the MACC are paid to detect and root out. If the PDRM cannot clean house internally then let the MACC take the job on!  It will take a lot of water to clean the Malaysian Augean stables and a lot of courage to hold the hose.

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