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Only 1.7% Forest Land Degraded?

In a cynical speech “Prime Minister” Moo claimed, amid other inaccuracies, that only 1.7 per cent of “forested areas” in Malaysia are “degraded”

Obviously he knows nothing, or prefers to pretend ignorance, about the disaster inflicted on Sarawak and Sabah forests (and on the Peninsular) by his political allies, notably Taib Mahmud. Does he also pretend ignorance about the vast sums garnered by these politicians and their Chinese timber baron friends; obtained by destroying almost all of the forests in those States? If so he has a rival in the shape of the Income Tax authorities

Is he also ignorant of the fact that probably the last major tropical forest area in Sarawak has been allocated by Taib. To his son! To be fair to Moo he may well be largely ignorant of these matters as he is in that condition about most Malaysian affairs. Except, of course, the progress by PN in pillaging the public funds.  Forests are just another way of making illicit profits, as Taib has been doing for decades!

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