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Divine Protection?

Press reports indicate that a PN/PAS “minister” ignored the Covid regulations of his own “watchdog” “minister” Ismail Sabri, by holding a multi person meeting in his office at Putrajaya. Possibly he thought that such pettifogging regulations did not apply to a religious bigwig such as himself. Perhaps he will offer a public explanation? Dont hold your breath.

While waiting for that there is room for speculation. What subject could be so important that it justified a “religious affairs minister” ignoring the laws, admittedly merely temporal, of his own “government” Something new on the lines of “render unto Caesar”? Or just a conviction that laws applying to the common people have no application to the “chosen”, unelected or otherwise.

In any event a useful indication to the electorate as to what they might expect from any “government” controlled by PAS.

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