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Not Me. Him

The Speaker has, quite rightly, issued a statement showing that the decision to close down all debate next Monday at the Assembly sitting was NOT his but as a result of an ORDER from illegitimate PM Muyhiddin. Whether such an order is legal will be a matter for PH when it removes the “coup” illegal administration.  Meanwhile the proverb has it, truth will out”And it will!

Since PN have claimed that the Covid danger is over, implying that this is due to their handling of the epidemic, there is no excuse for curtailing the Assembly proceedings and it is clear to all that the aim of those concerned in the selection of Muyhiddin is to cover up that it was a deliberate attempt to put a parliamentary opposition in power without the “formality” of an election. In a constitutional monarchy that might well amount to a latter day imitation of British King Charles the First.

Twist and turn as fake PM Muyhiddin may he cannot avoid the fact that his government has no money and cannot borrow any. So when the thefts of what remains in the public purse are over who is going put food on the PN tables? Think about it “Prime Minister”
OR are you  expecting that it won’t be you in any case.  “PM” or not.

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