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"Don't Get Carried Away By Idealism"

That was the “sage” advice offered by Land Dayak “leader Manyin in the course of a public address.

Idealism was last seen around the Sarawak political scene before the Taib corruption regime took over the State. Since then it has all been about money, money and money.

That is, for the privileged minority who control Sarawak politics by a mixture of bribery (at electon time) and intimidation at all other times.

In an interesting aside he announced that the coming State election would likely be held between November and early next year. Right in the middle of the Landas. Are GPS expecting a wash out? Or a chance to launder the result?

A little advice for this amateur politician. Politics and government are ALL about idealism. About trying to make things better for all citizens. Not just the handful with their hands in the Taib cookie jar.

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