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Is Democracy Alive And Well In Sabah?

Many Malaysians will probably be surprised, if not astonished, by reaction in Sabah to the absurd PAS statement that they should have a seat in the Sabah State Assembly despite not having contested any at the recent election.

It is hard to grasp how this extraordinary, impertinent and undemocratic suggestion should have even seen the light of day. And still more depressing that it should have been taken seriously by anyone in Malaysia; fanatics excepted.

The sad truth of the matter is that politics in the Borneo state have been so riddled with manipulation, corruption and outright criminality that the democratic process may have been so corrupted as to make such ridiculous suggestions appear practical.

If PAS want try their electoral (illusory) prospects in Sabah they have only to put up candidates at election time. As opposed to arrogant, totally undemocratic, proposals after the event.

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