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Failed To Uphold

In a perhaps surprising public attack on the PN government, which is keeping him out of jail by delaying the Appeal Court from hearing his appeal against long jail sentences for fraud and theft of public money, mega crook Najib has said that the current government has failed ”to uphold the welfare of the people”. Yes it certainly has, pre-occupied perhaps with upholding the welfare of its members.

But it is odd that this criminal should attack the people who are keeping him out of jail by preventing the Appeal judges from sitting to hear his case.

At some point even this PN government will have to explain why the Appeal Court is not doing what it is paid to do. Since ‘PM8′ now admits publicly that his is a minority government but won’t resign, the need for Najib’s vote in the Assembly disappears.

Probably Najib has noticed that and is now making a covert appeal to whoever will listen to get him off the hook. Or at least let him run to the Gulf or wherever he has stashed his stolen billions. However he is right in one thing. Muhyiddin HAS failed to uphold anything and anyone; including his patron who placed him the PM’s seat. His only success since taking office has been to preside over a wholesale theft of public funds by his ”government”. Is he perhaps too sick to notice? Or is he sharing?

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