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Public Service Corruption

Statistics just released show that corruption among public servants is running at more than one case a day. And the is just what is discovered so the real figure must be much higher. Apart from being a reason for national shame these figures have another significance. They are not an indication of police and MACC incompetence or lack of diligence but rather a sign of a sick society in which bribe taking has become the norm.

Why? Because civil servants taking bribes, police or otherwise, are imitating the example of the politicians who rule the country. If its OK for Moo and his gang it has to be OK for me, runs the thinking in the public services. Normally public servants never become rich through their employment. And in civilised democracies, such as Malaysia once used to be, politicians dont either.

But Malaysia has become a swamp of corruption with politicians openly stealing public funds (halls for example) on an unprecedented scale. Of course they know that sooner or later there will be nothing more to steal or a general election will see  them in Sg. Buloh. So they steal while they can and care nothing for their fellow citizens whose money they are stealing.

In such a rotten air of political mega corruption it is not surprising, however saddening, to see public servants also stealing while there are still funds to steal. Does any of this disturb Moo and his gang?  Obviously not except that they may try to prevent their employees corruptly taking money that they could have stolen for themselves. Poor Malaysia!

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