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Further Abuse Of Justice

The withdrawal of criminal charges against the former BN Chief Minister of Sabah is the second such action since the PN government obtained power by royal ukase, as opposed to democratic election. The first was, of course. the similar dropping of charges against Najib’s step-son; since the announcement of which there has been a wave of criticism both from those responsible for that investigation, and from the legal profession and the electorate.

One must assume that the exercise of this power by those responsible was done in the knowledge that it was a blatant abuse of a legal lacuna which ought to have been removed decades ago. Its effect is to absolve criminals from the consequences of their crimes by the mere fiat of an unelected official.  Persons in that category, however eminent professionally, should NEVER have such powers and, until they are removed from the Statute book, should never abuse them as they are presently being abused. It must, after all, be a matter of personal shame to the person concerned to be complicit in such a clear abuse of the law, allowing a major criminal to escape the consequences of his crimes.

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