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Pension Absurdity

Press reports quote a DAP member of the Assembly urging “Prime Minister” Muyhiddin not to dissolve the Assembly if defeated in a vote of confidence.

It is disheartening to see elected members so confused about the fundamental law of the country. It is the Agong NOT any elected member of the Assembly who has the power to dissolve the Assembly. That is the constitutional position, however undemocratic, and for which Malaysians have to thank the former colonial power whose own Monarch has not had such powers since the beheading of King Charles the First.

In fact the Agong has two choices in the event of a no confidence motion passing in the Assembly. He may, and clearly should, rectify his error in appointing a minority Prime Minister by calling on the leader of the parties supporting the no confidence motion to form a government.

Leaving that issue to one side the DAP member goes on to criticise what describes as the potential right, in such an eventuality, to pensions for life for PN Ministers. That politicians in office for a few weeks by reason of what, at best, can only be described as a misconceived decision should have pensions for life is a scandal and a confidence trick perpetrated on the taxpayer. If it is in fact so one if the first acts of a new PH administration should be to repeal the law in question and replace it with pension law consonant both with justice and reality.

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