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Heil Sabri

This “senior minister” continues to demonstrate that he is not fit to be a person in charge of public security. His latest act in demonstrating that is to issue public threats that the police will fine shop owners who “do not follow health standard operating procedures.”

Has he, or any other “coup minister” made sure that the rules, whatever they may be, have been properly explained to those concerned? Or does he think that if he utters an order the whole world will immediately understand it and comply?

One of the many problems with the illegal and temporary PN “government” is that it is in the hands of those who knew nothing about the art of democratic government, and care less. In fact all that they do care about, deeply, is filling their pockets and finding jobs for their supporters in the government machinery.

It appears that no single PN supporting MLA is now without a lucrative position paid from the public purse. Are PN worried that this wallowing in the trough may consume so much public money that a severe campaign of fining members of the public will be needed to finance it?

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