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Are You Sleeping?

A question to be put to the IGP over the scandalous detention of a man reportedly accused of the mega crime of criticising a minor local royal.

No matter how or why the local Johore court agreed to keep this unfortunate man in prison without trial contrary to all practice it is the Johore PDRM contingent, and in particular its chief who bear the responsibility for treating this man as if he was a dangerous mega criminal. Is the police chief aware that a former PM, accused of mega crimes and now on trial for them is allowed bail? Is there one rule for mega criminals and another for those who express opinions about others?

If the person allegedly insulted wanted to follow the matter up why not just call his lawyer and begin proceedings as any one else might? Why did the Police not tell hm that when he complained? Or did he? Is this just another case of excessive zeal and toadying?
All concerned would do well to remember that Malaysia is a democracy governed by the rule of law. And with respect to the latter the sooner the IGP makes a full enquiry the better it will be for the reputation of the PDRM

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