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Holier Than You?

The PAS deputy leader just went public with a defence of his party’s administration in Kelantan, claiming that it took full account of the welfare of its people.

After a deal of trumpet blowing on that subject he also had something to say about the recent purchase of “official cars” by the PAS State government.  Downplaying the fact that these “official cars” are luxury Mercedes saloons, he claimed that all governments buy “official cars” at intervals so why should Kelantan be any exception?

If Federal Ministers and members of other State governments can manage with Malaysian built cars why do those in Kelantan need  to buy mega costly cars of foreign origin? Because they can seems to be the only likely explanation. Or perhaps a revealing indication that after life reward may not be so luxurious as life as a”peoples representative”.  So why not enjoy all possible earthly benefits while opportunity offers?

Kelantan voters would probably be more impressed by an open admission by their PAS leaders that the latter were enjoying the fruits io power while opportunity offers than by any specious explanations about what other State governments are alleged to do. Here is an opportunity to “practice what you preach” Will it be adopted? Ask the holy men?

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