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Murder Most Foul

The latest public revelations about the murder of Mongolian national Altantuya make one thing clear. The investigation was botched, the prosecution equally so, and the Court of Appeal was correct in annulling the High Court proceedings.

The new evidence provided in his recent Statutory Declaration by one of the two murderers points the finger at persons so far not officially implicated in the matter; though potential motives clearly exist for them to have been so implicated.

Equally shocking is the revelation that a “murder squad” may well have existed under the cover of the PDRM Special Branch. This is something that must be investigated. The authority for its formation and activities investigated in depth and the full history of the matter made public along with the prosecution of any and all of those involved, be they politicians or police officers. Until this enquiry is carried out how can any Malaysian citizen have confidence in their police force; supposedly responsible for public safety and the war on crime?

Further it is essential that a whole new enquiry into the Altantuya murder needs to be carried out and all those found to be implicated brought to trial. The law provides that accomplices are as guilty as the principals in any instance of murder and subject to the same penalties. Let Justice be done

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