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Hopelessly Confused Dictator

Yes. “senior minister” Sabri again. It seems that a day cannot pass without him publicly demonstrating his unsuitability for his present “temporary” post. The latest boob concerns allowing, or rather not allowing those stuck in their home towns to return to the cities. He entirely fails to explain how it was safe to allow this type of movement if, as he now claims, the danger is still present. Did it magically lift for a few days to allow him to loosen the traces?  Or did he do that knowing that he was exposing all Malaysians to greater danger? Or, as seems most probable, did he simply not understand what he was doing?

All Malaysians know that when “Prime Minister” Muyhiddin can take time off from the golf course he is too ill to do his “job” but surely he can find the time to notice the failures of this booby and get rid of him? Before he makes a complete laughing stock of PN.

Anyone but this “Prime Minister” would have noticed weeks ago that this “senior minister” is not capable of doing his allotted job and got rid of him. Why hasn’t he?

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