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If They Have Not Got Anything Better To Do

According to Press reports Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador is the very senior police officer heading the “investigation” into a report by a man that a “politician” sodomised him eight years ago! Presumably this poor victim had some problem with locating a police station to make the report.

Malaysians have, by bitter experience, become used to crooked politicians misusing the PDRM but this instance is possibly the most ridiculous and outrageous misuse of police time and resources on record. And that is saying something looking back at the Altantuya murder enquiry

Even the newest police recruit knows that evidence is needed to support an allegation of crime so Malaysians must suppose that the head of the CID is so informed. Why then is he wasting time and police resources on what he knows is an absurdity that can never, even in PN Malaysia, reach a Court or did orders come from higher up. All Malaysians will know the answer to that.

The frustrated IGP himself has expressed the situation clearly: “This matter is a waste of police resources, and I am sick of such matters. However, a police report has been lodged, thus an investigation paper has been opened”. Exactly.

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