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Back To Normal!

The puppet Prime Minister Muyhiddin is reported as saying that he and his friends will “bring the country back to normal”

Of course that depends on what “normal” is.  Najib for instance? Admittedly one of the major crooks of Malaysian political life and no doubt a role model for any of those in power thanks to blatant manipulation of the Constitution.

If recent years have taught Malaysians anything at all it must be that race trumps citizenship every time and its what you are born as and not your abilities which will determine the course of your life. That may be one of backbreaking toil in a field but never mind. Back in Putrajaya your fellow community members are making it good. Really good! It is a pity they forget you exist until election time when a small, very small, portion of their gains from office will be handed out to get your votes once more.

Normal? Well perhaps not quite normal. In the past power has had to be purchased at the ballot box. This time round the actual cost has yet to be publicised. But it won’t have been nominal.

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