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IGP Must Explain!

It is confirmed that two police officers went to the offices of publisher Gerakbudaya and “took away” two computers.

Unless they were helping themselves to another’s property this seizure must have been to secure evidence. Evidence of what?

Unless and until the IGP can offer a rational public explanation for this action there will inevitably be public suspicion that the PDRM ere trying, ineffectively as usual, to “punish” the publisher.

If that was indeed the case the PDRM in general and the IGP in particular should reflect on the public’s response to the recent grossly excessive fine imposed by the courts and for which the general public showed its contempt by raising the fine, and more, in a matter of hours.

They would be foolish indeed if they try to act to “punish” someone whose conduct has received such massive public support.

They and the judiciary would do well to note how their actions have aroused public anger and even contempt and comport themselves accordingly in future.

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