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Me OK Lah!

Well if you are already taking everything you can lay hands  why not be first in the queue for a life saving vaccine. That may be why ‘PM8′ grabbed the very first vaccine in Malaysia. VVIPs first for the jab as with all the public money that can be grabbed as well.

Personal selfishness and greed apart, this “priority” vaccination shows PN in its true light. Pretending to show public example cuts no ice with anyone. If there is a killer disease about and now a vaccine to block it EVERY Malaysian will want to receive it and will not be impressed by PN bosses putting themselves at the head of the queue.

Talk about showing that the vaccine is safe is just that; talk. It it wasn’t safe would PN bigwigs be grabbing the first dose’? Just another case of “blow you Jack I am in the lifeboat”

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