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Mega Criminals

In recent times Malaysians have been able to learn what other Malaysians have been doing, criminally, in connection with ruthless and destructive exploitation of tropical forests in other countries, specifically Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Their activities in both these countries are redolent of the very worst type of colonial exploitation. And not just redolent but actual colonial exploitation. The past activities of Belgian colonists in nineteenth century Africa are perhaps the best parallel to what these Sarawakian Chinese Malaysians have been doing outside their own country to sully Malaysia’s reputation.

Not that they care about that since they had their start in Malaysia’s Sarawak where, in collusion with then Chief Minister and now Governor Taib Mahmud they destroyed large parts of that State’s virgin tropical forests and greatly profited from that act of mega vandalism.

Curiously enough no action of any kind seems to have been taken against them in Sarawak and any that may occur in PNG or the Solomons may be very difficult to enforce; especially if they continue to enjoy Sarawak State governmental protection.  If the Federal government wishes to avoid being viewed as complicit in this massive scandal they will not continue to look the other way. What will they do?

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