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The Wheels Of Justice

Proverbially these are said to grind exceeding slowly but exceeding small. The first half of that saying is being publicly demonstrated in Malaysia today. Two years after the seizure of large quantities of valuable jewellery from Rosmah Mansor there are still arguments about it and a Court is allowing her to inspect the items in question. Why? If they are evidence of criminal activity then they will be produced at the trial of anyone accuse of any offence of which they form the evidence.

What, apart from continual delay in the hope of frustrating justice,can such an inspection achieve? The clue lies in the word delay. Most Malaysians will be aware of the political manoeuvrings currently in progress by the official Opposition and aimed at upsetting agreed developments and in the hope of recruiting enough “frogs” to overthrow the PH government and put crooked UMNO back in power. Headed no doubt by Najib, miraculously cleared of all blame for his mega crimes!

Of course there still three years of this PH government to run before GE15 and even given the glacially slow prosecutions in course the Najib/Rosmah duo are likely to have to face the consequences of their crimes. But not if the concerted efforts to block the wheels of Justice are successful.

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