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More Despicable Than Terrorists!

Is how PAS guru Hadi is reported to have described opponents of the PN emergency declaration.

So what does that mean and which terrorists was he referring to? Those firing rockets indiscriminately at a civilian population? Or those seeking to destroy political opponents in Yemen? Or, more probably in the Malaysian context, those from the non Malay population who gave the colonial authorities so much trouble?

Perhaps it does not really matter. Terrorists, whatever their motives, are criminals of the worst kind and Hadi presumably does not contest that. So a selection of his fellow Malaysians who hold a different view to him in political matters are terrorists? If so what does he want done about it. Lock up at least half the population? Good for election results but hardly practicable.

A more sensible and simpler course would be for politicians to think before speaking and refrain from incendiary idiotic statements.

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