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Don't Overwork The 'Boss'

An “official”announcement by a functionary of Sarawak’s present ruling party states that the date of dissolution of that States’ legislative assembly will be announced by the Agong.

All Malaysians solicitous of the Agong’s wellbeing will deplore any addition to his existing burdens, especially any not provided for in the Constitution. Among which are to be found the dissolution procedures for State assemblies.

We may assume that the Agong is concentrating his official notice on the question of the dissolution of the Legislative Assembly which IS one of his duties laid down in the Constitution.

That alone is such a thorny problem that it would be unfair to further burden the Agong with considerations about the fate of minor State bodies such as the Sarawak State Assembly. In any case that would be otiose.That Assembly will cease to exist later this year anyway when its term of office ends. Hopefully replaced by a body that cares for all Sarawakians; not just its own members.

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