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Nit Picking

The reaction of PN’s Takiyuddin to critics over the withdrawal of a PN proposed bill to amend the Constitution speaks volumes about the nondemocratic nature of the coup coalition’s administration.

Everyone knows that the Constitution can only be amended by a two-thirds vote in favour. “Governments” with a manufactured majority of one need not apply!

Takiyuddin’s reaction that PN are “not required to give any explanation” displays more than petulance. It demonstrates that PN totally rejects basic principles of democracy and the liability of elected members to explain their actions to the voters. That lesson ought to be firmly made at the next general election. Unless, of course, PN intend to do away with elections altogether and also the need to “give explanations” which seems to so trouble this PN politician. Increasingly, that seems to be the direction in which this backdoor coup is travelling.

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