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Is 80% Enough?

The IGP, in the course of a speech about his Force, made the claim that 80% of his subordinates  are “highly motivated” to carry out their responsibilities.

He seemed satisfied with that percentage and made no mention about what he intended to do with the fifth (20%) that must be presumed to be less or entirely unmotivated; despite being paid.

It says something about PN Malaysia that the head of one of the biggest government departments can make such a self depreciating admission in public and even appear to be satisfied with such a situation.

Since he knows the percentage he must know the individuals and should explain why he allows them to continue to shirk their duties; or worse:

Every uniformed body has its bad apples but 20%?  Incompetence or open toleration of bad and often illegal behaviour? Perhaps he has made a comparison with the PN government to which he is responsible and decided that his Force compares favourably to  them in terms of corruption and inefficiency? He should aim for a higher standard!


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