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No Guest Movement

Is what the PDRM official apparently in charge of controlling entry to the residence of coup “minister” Azmin is reported to have stated concerning the events of Hari Raya at that house.

Any visits by non residents would, of course, have breached the covid regulations. Freedom of belief is one of the basic rights of Malaysian citizens so we all can take note of that statement and attach such weight to it as we think proper.

That being seemingly so it is hard to understand why there should be the investigation announced by a PDRM official. Could it be to enquire into photographs allegedly taken of persons in the grounds of the house on the day in question? The PDRM official responsible for security at that location might find these snaps difficult to square with the official denials?

Most Malaysians will simply conclude that all and any regulations in force to control the spread of this deadly disease just dont apply to the coup plotters and especially not to its prime movers.

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