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Pot Calling Kettle Black


Mega criminal Najib is reported as calling for PAS Minister Khairuddin to be prosecuted for “flouting quarantine orders”  Whether or not that is a criminal offence is something for those better qualified in the law than Malaysia’s mega criminal to opine on. But is is really ludicrous to see Najib, already convicted of major crime and well on the way to more convictions, setting up as a law and order specialist.

It is even more interesting to see a major, if time expired, UMNO personality attacking PAS, his partner in legally doubtful office, publicly.  How much longer can this marriage of convenience, which is all that keeps Moo in office, last. Not long at all if part of UMNO continue to support an Anwar premiership. However distasteful that may be in elevated quarters; which seem to suffer from a continually slipping timetable.

If the matter of who has the majority cannot be settled without any further prevarication or cancelled appointments there is something gravely amiss and the reasons should be publicly admitted. The last thing the Head of State should be thought guilty of is political preference. He is supposed to be above all that. So demonstrate.

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