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Shared Prosperity Vision

A Minister in the yet to be approved “government” has spoken publicly about what he called this vision. Unfortunately he omitted to detail who exactly will be “sharing” it; always assuming that the communal “government” remains in power and one Malaysian community is specially favoured at the expense of others.

Not exactly democracy but a government, and its “ministers”, who came to power by unconstitutional means aided and abetted by those who should have, and did, know better, now tells Malaysians just do as we tell you and all will be well.

Why should anyone believe that when one of its principal spokespersons is a former Prime Minister facing a stream of criminal charges in respect of public funds while he was in office and the nation’s Bossku?  All was certainly well for him and his cronies when he was the boss of the BN government but ordinary Malaysians simply saw the nation’s wealth stolen by a criminal few. More of the same with this new “government”? How could it be otherwise.? It will, like BN before it, be loud in praise of the bumiputera while stealing their inheritance behind their backs. Time to wake up. Not to smell the coffee but to smell the corruption.

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