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Crooks Infighting

Reports indicate that Najib Razak, temporarily relieved from the pressure of defending his thefts of public funds, has warned that there are “limitations” to UMNO support for the backdoor, VIP supported, Perikatan government, headed by Muyhiddin.

That is a very significant development since it shows that Najib, despite his arrest and trials for dishonesty offences, remains the real boss of UMNO; its Bossku as he was until recently pleased to describe himself.

So the apparent wall of Malay solidarity and to hell with democracy is starting to show cracks. No explanation for this public warning by Najib has yet been offered but anyone who knows his and UMNO’s record will at once understand that he and UMNO are in the driving  seat and that Hadi and his extremist party are just passengers. Tolerated but not permitted to guide the PN vehicle or even to define its destination.

Malay politics have always been tainted by squabbles between leading figures;as the recent clownish actions of ex-PM Mahathir show all too clearly. So there should be no surprise at Najib popping up his head at the Court parapet to announce that Bossku is really that. Laugh or cry. A difficult choice for honest Malaysians to make.

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