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Sink Together Or Sing Separately?

Press reports quote the Sultan of Selangor as claiming that the Agong “acted in accordance with the Constitution” in appointing Muyhiddin as Prime Minister. That, in itself, is an inaccurate statement. The power of the Agong is to ask his choice to form a government which can command a majority in the Assembly. Manifestly that was not the case since the Agong had personally polled all MLA.s and found that most supported Anwar Ibrahim.

Whether the Agong acted legally or otherwise is a matter for another day but it is not one that will go away and anyone who thinks so is merely deluding themselves. If that action is not declared illegal by the Courts it will be condemned by the electorate. That is if there is to be another general election or just a communal dictatorship. Can “Prime Minister” Muvhiddin clear that point for the voters?

In the meantime this Ruler and others might bear in  mind the aphorism. When in a hole stop digging.

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