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So Where Do They Get It From?

MLAs from Sabah elected to support PH have claimed publicly that they have been offered huge bribes to defect by the criminal PN “government”.

No one in Malaysia will have any difficulty in believing their statements. For decades the country has been ruled by and robbed from by MLAs from UMNO/BN governments. PN is a carbon copy of its corrupt predecessors and Malaysians are entitled to an explanation about the choice of nonentity Muyhiddin as Prime Minister when it was known and recorded that PH leader Anwar Ibrahim enjoyed majority support for the role.

To revert to the question of money provenance there seem to be only two possibilities, The first is the Najib method. Steal it from public funds or, if that is not enough, sell the country to China. Or just take from whoever is found able and willing to buy a small South East Asian country.

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