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Still Relevant?

You bet it is. Sedition? The PN description for any criticism their actions. In other words if you do not like what others say about you just throw them in jail, using a law that Adolf Hitler would have been proud to have put in place in his Nazi paradise. A haven which Malaysia is increasingly coming to resemble.

Now a PN “minister” claims that this law is “still relevant” What does he mean by that? Still implies was and was means the bad old days when criminal BN were previously in power. They could not bear criticism then and they cant bear it now. Especially when they are in office by fraud involving the highest levels of the State.

Why do BN think they can treat the electorate as irrelevant? Simple. They have no intention of having anything more to do with elections and all that democratic nonsense. When you control the top. and it is unarguable that they do, why bother with the little people? They can always be shoved in jail as a recent critic of “royalty” nearly was or as “inconvenient” political opponents have been for years on trumped up charges accepted by corrupt courts.

The bigger question is whether democracy is “still relevant”.  Not if the PN gangsters have any say in the matter.

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