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Surely I Don't Mean Me!

UMNO boss and accused in criminal cases cases Zahid is reported as saying that the next PM would come from UMNO. In apparent support of that claim he said that all previous ones had been from UMNO. Why, one wonders, did the Malaysian voter community reject UMNO at the last general election?

Could it have been because previous UMNO boss and Prime Minister Najib had been publicly shown to be a mega crook, for which both he and Zahid are now being prosecuted?

So why the boast that the next PM will be from UMNO? Does he think that the PN “government” will drop the cases against him and his boss Najib? If so does he have any reason to think that, apart from pious hope? Does he thnki a whitewashed Najib would still smell too bad and that he is the obvious choice for an UMNO PM?

He should spell out his reasons.


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