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Tax The Hammer, BN The Anvil

As American mega criminal Al Capone found out the hard way that while corrupt judges and policemen can be bought tax is as inevitable as breathing and if you don’t pay you go to jail.

For years, and probably much longer, BN’s bosses have filled their pockets with cash stolen or otherwise illegally obtained and never declared a penny to the income tax department. The manure crammed Augean stables were a haven of cleanliness by comparison.

Certainly where there is evidence of other criminal behaviour prosecutions should, and will, follow. But where there are difficulties with evidence or similar problems about proving guilt simple tax enquires are a swift and certain route to justice. And have a side benefit that, in some cases, the criminals concerned have assets that can be forfeited as unpaid tax. This lesson will not be lost on a certain loudmouthed lawyer as well as dozens, and perhaps more, BN crooks who have been robbing the State for decades. There is no time limit in tax evasion cases. As the saying has it. Only two things are certain. Death and taxes

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