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Like Father Like Daughter

Press reports show that an application by a daughter of alleged mega crook Najib to stay a civil suit brought by the Income Tax authorities was thrown out by the Court.

Briefly she had asked the Court to stay a case brought against her for tax arrears of over RM 10 million! That figure shows that, in addition to attempting to evade tax due, she must have an enormous income or other taxable revenue. From what?

Which, it would seem, she appears to think exempt from tax, since she has not paid any. All this will come as no surprise to the public as details of the criminality of the Najib clan unfold in the Courts. These “nabobs”of the political word clearly thought that they had every right to ignore laws applying to the rest of the population and their present political conduct re-inforces that impression; not least because it attracts no attention from the Attorney General or the PDRM.

What is really puzzling is how PN think they can get away with their political gangsterism indefinitely. Top level backing only goes so far as basic political fixing. To muzzle the citizenry effectively and permanently requires a dictatorship. Do PN think that Beijng will be as amenable to hand kissing as Tokyo was?

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