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The Biter Bit

Criticism is growing within UMNO over the role of PH defector Azmin Ali.

Having manipulated the accession to power of nonentity Muyhiddin, UMNO bosses, and possibly PAS leaders, have strengthened their criticism of Azmin, especially when Muyhiddin revealed that in his absence Azmin would chair Cabinet meetings.

As the ailing Prime Minister seems increasingly likely to be kept from governing by illness this makes the defector Azmin Prime Minister in practice. That, of course, is what he has all along worked to achieve despite lacking the confidence and support of PH to secure it.

Presumably defector Azmin has realised that without UMNO support his chances of becoming PM are minimal, despite whatever support he might hope for from royal circles, so it will be interesting to see how he attempts to nail down UMNO support between now and May. To the UMNO faithful he is seen as a defector from Malay supremacy by joining PH and his later re-defection is likely to be seen as self motivated and questionable.

Many political observers are speculating what might happen if the present Prime Minister’s health gives way before May. One thing seems certain and that is that neither UMNO nor PAS are likely to back a candidate who defects as the situation seems to require. UMNO today. Gone tomorrow!

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