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Anyone But Me

Former Prime Minister Mahathir seems to have embarked on a campaign aimed at placing the blame for the current political situation on anyone but himself. Quite how that jibes with the fact that his resignation as Prime Minister brought about the situation which allowed Malay supremacists at all levels to pervert the Constitution and put a minority administration in power remains unclear to voters; who will now regard him as the principal mover behind the collapse of PH.

Of course that could not have happened, despite the Doctor’s moves, without the assistance of the Agong who, having ascertained that Anwar Ibrahim had majority support, awarded the Prime Ministership to an ailing defector who had demonstrated virtually no parliamentary support and whose sole claim resided in the fact that he is a biddable Malay politician.

So has the Dr, finally succeeded in killing off democracy in Malaysia? Even though in the process, and presumably unwillingly, he has also slaughtered his own political career and, with it, his personal reputation. Some act! Some legacy!

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