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The Half Million Thieves

MACC boss Lateefa i,s reported as saying that, for now, her Agency is only targeting those who have stolen over half a million from 1MDB funds. One has to assume that this “target” figure was set to distinguish the sheep from the goats. An odd way of pursuing justice but, leaving that to one side, are we not entitled to ask if the statement also means that her MACC are hot on the trail of mega thieves who stole more than that amount?

IF, and it seems to be the case, MACC are concentrating on mega crooks at present why one may ask do they not investigate Sarawak Governor Taib Mahmud? To him half a million is just what the Americans call “chump change” That is pennies or sen. The MACC could, without difficulty, assemble evidence of thefts and other corrupt activities of this mega criminal totalling billions; let alone their “half million” target.

So what is the problem? Why is such an obvious target, and perhaps the worst offender in Malaysian history left untouched?

A public explanation from the MACC would be welcome; if very unlikely.

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