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Thieves Continuing To Fall Out

UMNO Vice President Khaled Nordin has publicly attacked fellow PN associate and PH traitor “Senior Minister” Azmin of failing to obtain, and by implication arrogantly disdaining to get state governments approval for a new movement control order which is supposed to become effective today (4th May)

Azmin, whose arrogance is as well known as his propensity to betray his political associates for personal advancement and who, risibly, appears to harbour pretensions to the Prime Ministership may have overstepped even his personal conduct bounds in this instance. However much he may see himself as Prime Minster PN appear ready to stick with invalid Muyhiddin, the Agong’s choice

In practice all this devious behaviour within the usurping PN “government” will come to nothing once they have had to put legislation to Parliament for approval and found it thrown back in their faces.  At that point some head scratching may be needed at the Istana Negara to devise a new selection method. Putting all the names in a songkok and pulling one out? Not constitutional of course but who cares about that.? Certainly not some highly placed personalities.

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