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Sorry You Were Starving

A “deputy Federal Minister” is reported in the Press as confirming that there were “problems” as he put it with food distribution during the MCO period. He did not, apparently, think it necessary to expand on the nature of the problems or who was responsible for falling to deal with them. But as PN are “in power” however illegally, they must bear the responsibility for such failures and lack of competence.

Of course it is easy for the well fed to down play the hunger and starvation problems of the poor; particularly if they did not vote for them,. But, as recent events have again proved, with power goes responsibility and those in charge must take time off from appointing each other to lucrative jobs funded by the public purse to look after the needs of those whom have confined to their homes and who, just like them, need to eat to live.

To offer “apologies” of this kind is not just inept on the part of those concerned but also insulting to those who can vote them out of office, if and when, they dare to face the electorate.

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