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Wait In The Car!

In his latest publicity boob “senior minister” Ismail Sabri is reported as telling shoppers that one person should “wait in the car” while the other shopped.

He was referring the new PN ruling allowing two persons to go on shopping trips. Does the “minister”, one wonders, know how many Malaysians do their shopping by car as opposed to the less well off (40%) who go on foot, bicycle or public transport?  Obviously not as he belongs to the privileged few who can do what they like while all the rest have to do as he tells them. True democracy PN style!

When the “minister” goes shopping he no doubt does so in the “official” car provided to him by grateful taxpayers, driven by a driver paid from public funds and running on fuel also paid for from public funds. Presumably he thinks all that is his “right” as a minister in an illegal government in existence only because of perversion of the Constitution at the highest levels.

One day soon he will wake up to find himself an ex-minister and having to use his own car, if he has one, to do the family shopping. How the mighty will have fallen.

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