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When Thieves Fall Out"

As the proverb tells us, chaos follows. The validity of this saying is again being proved by events in Johor where UMNO/BN are apparently upset by Bersatu attempts to take control of the State Assembly. This latest spat between “allies” proves the fragility of the PN coup government headed by Johor’s invalid (in both senses of the word) Prime Minster Muyhiddin.

No majority at state level and no majority at Federal level either despite support from the highest levels. Any self respecting politician (very hard to find within PN) would acknowledge that he and his allies are in power as an unconfirmed minority no matter how exalted his backers may be.

Why, then, at the coming meeting of the Assembly does not “Prime Minister” Muyhiddin seek the confidence of the Members? Because of course he knows that he does not enjoy it and that his position rests solely on the judgment of the Head of State and can and will be proved to be illusory.

Constitutional reform is necessary so that the choice of Prime Minister is a matter to be decided by the majority of elected members of Parliament. The outmoded existing system, foisted on Malaysian citizens by the departing British, and contrary to their own domestic political arrangements, needs to be relegated to the dustbin of history along with other relics of other times, no longer appropriate in twenty first century democracy.

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