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What He Was Careful Not To Say

In a lengthy statement “PM” Muyhiddin listed all the activities that will now be allowed, and a few that will still not, but made NO mention of politics nor of sittings of the Legislative Assembly. The public may, it seems, gather for almost any reason so why does the Assembly not sit?

It is, after all, the most important gathering in the whole of Malaysia but the “Prime Minister” did not dignify it by a single mention. Why not?  Clearly because he knows that the moment it does sit he will be publicly exposed as a minority leader supported by nothing more than the unconfirmed conclusion of the Agong, who ignored the views of the majority of MPs whom he consulted individually before selecting the outsider Muyhiddin.

Any review of the Constitution that may be held in future should prescribe that the position of Prime Minister should go to the person chosen by the majority party in the Assembly. That will avoid all the controversy of recent times and allow the Agong to be what most voters want him to be; the ceremonial Head of State without political powers.

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