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A Sad Conclusion

What former Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir thinks is a matter for him but it is depressing to read in the public press that mega criminal Najib Razak allegedly enjoys at least 40 to 50 per cent support in the Malay community.  Admittedly he has not, yet, been convicted of criminal offences committed while he was Prime Minister but the evidence that he did so is both public and overwhelming. Equally depressing is a report that his party, UMNO, still enjoys about the same level of support; despite its boss, Zahid, also awaiting trial on criminal charges.

It is easy, if regrettable, to see communal sentiment influencing political opinion and so to understand that the Malay community are anxious to protect the electoral advantage that their numbers afford them. But Najib! Or Zahid?  There is something wrong somewhere and it is the duty of law abiding Malay leaders to try to direct their community’s political thinking into honest lines.

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