Malaysia’s Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ) Issues Solidarity Statement For SR + Media Freedom

This egregious act of judicial overreach poses a grave threat to investigative journalism and media freedom in Malaysia by preserving the culture of fear for journalists and preventing these agents of democracy who serve to inform the public from carrying out their duties. ….

Help Us Survive Royal Damages Award

The Appeal Court has issued an award for costs of RM120,000 and damages of RM300,000 against the author of The Sarawak Report and two fellow defendants.
This amounts to a thousand times less than the astonishing RM300 million that the wealthy royal was demanding for a case of harmless mistaken identity, yet it is a ruinous sum for the three defendants targeted in this case.

SLAPPED Down! London’s Libel Litigators Face Consequences At Last

Sarawak Report has been harassed and faced aggressive litigation from numerous London law firms and KL copy cats over the past decade, generally acting for crooks and kleptocrats. This week the UK government and the UK Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority issued stern warnings to law firms and promised to tighten the law against such actions…..

Defamation Case Tossed Out!

A wealthy litigant has been left with egg on their face after a High Court tossed out their libel case today which had been brought against a respected media organisation…..

Ministry Of Justice Moves Against Britain’s Rogue Libel Lawyers At Last!

Just weeks ago it would have seemed inconceivable that the attack dogs from Britain’s defamation law firms, who have proved so relaxed about taking cash from all quarters to harass and silence journalists, would find themselves held to account. Now following an active campaign the UK government is taking action over their excesses together with other European authorities …..

Foreign Financing In UK Politics Sparks Growing Concern

Sarawak Report has been following the global money trail as kleptocrat and autocrat cash funnels through the off-shore system and into advanced ‘concierge’ economies where professionals serve and shield those who have pillaged their own countries. In 2022 we will occasionally shine a light on the so-called ‘London Laundromat’ to warn that corruption is an infectious disease that impacts and destroys governance beyond borders……

Pass Round Hat To Pay Billionaires’ Bill!

Native Rights Campaigner Denis Along faces imminent jail if he cannot find the RM10,000 the courts have punished him for daring to contest the seizure of his community’s lands to build a luxury hotel for the Taib family….

Red Notice Signals Red Faces For The Sabri Government

The Malaysian Government has stated that the Editor of Sarawak Report is a ‘fugitive’ who has “fled abroad to avoid prosecution”. For this they state they are issuing an INTERPOL Red Notice request. Does Malaysia need yet more such National Embarrassment over Najib and 1MDB?….

How Foreign Litigants Abuse UK Lawfirms To ‘Launder’ Reputations

The UK claims to protect freedom of speech to enable journalists to do their job in the public interest. It also supports indulgent defamation, privacy and copyright laws. These and the enormous charges of London based law firms have attracted the global rich and powerful to hire UK ‘Reputation Lawyers’ – now elbowing each other for the business in the British courts. Sarawak Report has been a frequent target …..

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